Best Way To Cut Porcelain Tile -Try these tools

Porcelain tiles are known for their durability and hardness which is what makes them such a popular choice for homeowners. It is also what makes them so difficult to cut, but do not worry we have you covered with the best tools to use to cut porcelain tiles for your project.

Just make sure you use all proper safety equipment and read the users manual to operate any power tool safely and properly.

Wet Saw

Wet Saws

Definitely the easiest tool to use to cut your tile, but can also be the most expensive to purchase. Equipped with a good diamond blade and a wet saw can cut through any tile or stone you throw at it. The most common sizes use either a 10″ or 7″ diamond blade.

Wet saws operate by keeping a constant spray of water on the diamond blade as the saw is operating. This helps reduce friction and heat, and enables you to make precise and chip free cuts. The constant water on the blade also limits the amount of dust created especially when compared to dry cutting. Just make sure to put a tarp down under your saw from water over spray.

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Wet saws are the perfect choice for large projects. A lot of the wet saws on the market today also have adjustable blade housings which allow you to make accurate angle and miter cuts as well.

While operating a wet saw it is recommended to wear earplugs and safety glasses as well.

Cutting Board

Cutting BoardDepending on how hard your tile is and how nice of a cutting board you purchase, a cutting board can save you a ton of time when making cuts. These boards operate by pushing a handle that is equipped with small cutting wheel across the tile. This scores a small straight line across the tile. The handle also has a breaking jig than when you push down on the tile after scoring it will snap the tile along the line you scored.

This tool keeps you from getting up and down and walking to the wet saw for you straight cuts. Instead, you just keep the cutting boards next to you and cut as go.

The make a variety of wheels also that are easily replaceable and are made specifically for different material types.

We really like and recommend the Rubi Tools Tile Cutters, they are easy to use, offer a variety of wheels for any material and last forever.

Angle Grinder

Usually you will want a 4″ but no bigger than a 4.5″ angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade. These take a little more practice and safety precautions than the previous two tools we mentioned, but they are a must have for your tile project.

Angle grinder

Because of the smaller blade size you can make small round radius cuts, precision cuts, and just fine tune any cuts you need to get that perfect fit. They also come in battery power or corded so you also have that options as well.

These will create a lot of dust, and I mean a lot of dust, make sure to use these outdoor or at least somewhere very well vented and wear a dust mask. These are also known for throwing small chips of tiles that seem to always target your eyes so make sure to wear a good pair of safety goggles as well.

We have tried most of the brands out there and while there are plenty of good ones we keep coming back to Makitas 4″ angle grinder.

Rail Saws

These saws are huge, and with the popularity of longer plank tile and large format tiles in general these saws have become very popular andRail Saws make life a lot easier when using these large tiles. The base of the saw is big and can easily hold large format tiles. It operates like a wet saw except the blade housing is mounted to a rail that slides back and forth allowing you to make long rip cuts on large tiles with ease.

These saws have adjustable blade heights and are also capable of making plunge cuts. While these saws are big and heavy a lot of them are quipped with retractable legs and wheels allowing for easy transportation. The blade also in able be adjusted for angle and miter cuts as well.


Now you have all the info you need in order to be best prepared for making your cuts on your next tile project. If you’re a contractor who does this for a living buying all of these is without a doubt is worth the investment. However, if you’re a DIYer then the price for these may be a little steep, so it may be better to rent the wet saw or rail saw if needed.

As with any tool you get what you pay for do your research on the different brand before making a purchase, and make sure you are not just going with the cheapest one you can find. We also cannot stress enough the importance of the diamond blade you put on your wet saw, the blade can make all the difference especially depending on the material you are cutting.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop them below and we will get back you as soon as possible.