Custom Building Products Prism Grout – Ultimate Grout Performance

Whether you are a DIYer or a licensed contractor nothing is more frustrating than having your beautiful tile job ruined by grout that develops efflorescence or does not dry in a uniform color. That why Customs Building Products Prism Grout is the go to cement based grout for your tile job.

Uniform Grout Color

What’s the point in taking the time to pick the perfect grout color, if it ends up not drying consistently to the color you chose in the end? Regardless of temperature, humidity or type of tile you can rest assured that Prism Grout will dry one solid color matching the sample that you chose. Despite any of these working conditions Prism grout will not efflorescence, mottle or shade leaving you with an beautiful looking floor.

Grout Colors

Stain Resistant

Another bonus with Prism Grout is that it is stain resistant and does not necessarily need to be sealed. Whether it really does need to be sealed or not is a topic of debate, at BRC Flooring we usually choose not to seal this grout unless specifically requested by the homeowner, in either case we have never had any issue with the performance of the grout.

Easier to Work With

Customs Prism grout comes in Customs full array of grout colors. It is packaged in a 17lb box with two individual bags inside, this 17lb box will cover approximately the same square footage as your standard 25lb bag of normal sanded grout. This is also a fast setting grout to the point that you can walk on it within hours upon grout completion. However, because of this you should be aware and use caution and not spread too much grout at a time. Depending upon your experience or speed of grouting we generally recommend spreading one of the bags in the 17lb box at a time and wash it before spreading the second bag. This grout might seem like it is not setting up super fast but once it does start to dry it goes quick and can be very difficult to work with and get off certain surfaces.

In the end you will have a grout that gives you dense full grout joints that do not shrink, powder, wear, or crack.

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Multiple Use

Prism grout can be used in both floor and wall applications up to 1/2″ grout joints. However, we recommend not using Prism grout on walls in joints over 1/8″ due to the lack of sand compared to your typical sanded grout it tends to sag and run down the joints. This grout can also be used both in interior and exterior applications without any problems. Floors, countertops, backsplashes, showers, etc there is not a job that Prism Grout will not stand up to the test.

Another big selling point of this grout is that it is also a submersible grout meaning it is the perfect choice for swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, water features and fountains.

How To Use

This product is identical to pretty much any other grout you are going to use as far application. First things first your tile installation must be firmly bonded to your substrate and allowed to cure to 24-48 hours. Next step is to pull either the spacers or knock out the leveling clips if you went that route. Now it is very crucial to clean any excess dried mortar that is sticking up too high in the grout joints and or on the surface of the tile.

You are now ready to mix your grout by adding one bag from the box to 2-2.5pt of clean water and mix with a margin trowel not a mixing drill until you achieve a smooth product free of lumps. Let the product sit for 5 minutes, this is called slaking, and than mix again with the margin trowel.

You are now ready to spread the grout with a grout float (we will give you our recommended grout floats in another article) by holding thegrouting float at a 45 degree angle and pressing down into the floor and joints and going in a back and forth motion until the joints are completely full. CAUTION…at no point after the slaking should you add any more water, if the grout is getting tough to work with remix then simply with the margin trowel.

If the grout gets to the point where you can no longer spread or loosen it up by mixing it than you have lost that batch of grout so just discard the remaining grout in the bucket.

After the grout has been allowed to firm up for about 30 min., using as little water as possible use your sponge in a circular motion over the floor smoothing out the grout in the joints. Then clean your sponge and wipe across the floor at a 45 degree angle cleaning the residue from the floor. Repeat until all the grout you spread is cleaned up. Do not stress if a haze develops, it is going to for sure, and you can address this with a final wipe of water after a few hours.

Once these steps are complete you should have yourself a beautifully grouted floor. After the grout fully cures, usually 48-72 hours, you can proceed to seal the grout if you desire.


We really cannot say enough about this grout. Everytime we have used this product it has performed as advertised and has never disappointed. If you are a DIYer this is the grout you want to use, just make sure you follow the directions and we cannot emphasize enough to not spread more than your skill level allows you to wipe in 30 min.

If you have any further questions on this product or need any advice on it’s use please let us know and comment below or email us and we would be glad to help you out.