Laundry Room Tile Floor Ideas – Hottest Trends for 2021

The laundry room may often be the forgotten room when it comes to remodeling your house. So much attention is given to the kitchen and bathrooms that the laundry room is often left behind. Well we want to help you make your laundry room fresh and stand out from the rest with our laundry room tile floor ideas.

First…why tile for my laundry room?Pattern Tiles

Laundry rooms are obviously at risk for moisture and water spillage making tile and excellent choice for your laundry room floor. Tile floors do excellent in wet areas and if you want you can go a step further by waterproofing your sub floor with a waterproof membrane. If an accident, spillage, leak, etc do occur it does not get much easier to clean than a tile floor, to make it even easier to clean we also recommend sealing your grout in these moisture/dirt prone areas.

Another reason is all the creative options tile gives you to make your laundry room unique, and the envy of all of your guests.

Pattern Tiles

By far our favorite choice for a laundry room, pattern tiles have become the hot choice for smaller areas like a laundry room. These patterned tiles can range from simple mellow color patterns to wild and colorful. In larger areas these come become a little too much, but they are perfect in smaller rooms like a laundry room.

They also range in size while the most common size is an 8×8 they can also be found in 6×6 and 12×12.

Check out the link to one of our Instagram Reels of a laundry room we did with a pattern tile.

Laundry Room Pattern Tile

Penny Tile


Just as the name implies these tiles come on 12×12 sheets and look like a bunch of little pennies given their round shape.  These sheets are perfect for a smaller area like your laundry room as these tiny tiles in a bigger area may look a little busy.


They also come in a wide range of colors from solid colors or a mixture of colors on a sheet that make up a pattern. They also come in porcelain, stone, metal, and glass, so you have a lot of options to find the perfect penny tile for your space.

One recommendation we would like to make is buy extra grout these sheets use a lot grout and since there is a lot of grout make sure you seal it really well especially in an area like a laundry room.


Wood Look Tiles

Pretty much name the room and wood look porcelain tiles are a perfect choice. The give you the desired look of a hardwood floor with all the benefits of a porcelain tile. Also wood look tiles have come so far since they broke out onto the scene and have done such a great job of mimicking real wood.

wood look tile

They come in plank sizes from 2′ and go up to 8′, come in all kids of colors and designs rustic, beach house, modern, etc. I normally do not recommend going any smaller than a 36″ plank however, a 24″ would look great in your laundry room since it is a smaller room.


12×24 Tiles12x24 tiles

Next to wood plank tiles these are the most popular tiles being installed in peoples homes. They work great in a laundry room because like all tile these days they come in so many options, colors, and designs.

What’s also great is they can be installed in a number of different ways such as straight lay, 50% offset, 33% offset, herringbone, basket weave, etc.

Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP)

OK not technically a tile but LVP is by far the most popular floor being installed right now and its not even close. Similar to laminate flooring this a floating floor that clicks and locks together. Unlike laminate however, these are 100% waterproof and that is their biggest selling point.

They give you the same hardwood look that the wood look tiles give, actually even more realistic, with no grout and 100% waterproof. While the price has gone on up on the purchase of these planks over the years the labor price is still significantly cheaper than say hardwood or tile.

These planks are actually a great DIY project, and is something most people can get the hang of rather quickly.

LVP Floor




So if its time to finally show your laundry room some love, and you want to put in some new floors any of these options will make a huge difference.

Laundry rooms are also a great DIY project since they are a smaller room and usually a perfect square or rectangle so do not be shy trust your self and go for it you can do it.

Feel free to also contact us with any questions or advice you may have or need.

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